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Research Request Forms

To assist those unable to visit the Archives, our staff can provide limited reference services. Use a separate form for each request. To cover the costs of staff time, equipment, copying, and postage, a non-refundable fee must accompany each request. No research will be done without payment. If information is located, the fee covers the cost of up to 20 photocopies. Additional copies are $0.25 each. Although fee will be retained even when no information is found, a report of the search and suggestions for further research will be mailed to you. 


In-state (Alabama residents) $15.00

Out-of state $25.00

Additional payment instructions provided on the forms

Please complete the appropriate form(s) and mail to the following:

Alabama Department of Archives and History 

ATTN: Reference Requests

P.O. Box 300100

Montgomery, AL 36130-0100

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